Client Feature: Ora Design Group 

Owner Jason Laub and the team at Ora Design Group have been designing and manufacturing graphics for boats, recreational vehicles, and trailers for almost 15 years. This small but mighty team meets the needs of their customers using unique technologies, reduced lead times, flexible quantity orders, and a work ethic that Kansas is famous for.

The Ora Design team has almost 30 employees that fill a variety of roles. They value the freedom they’re given to complete their jobs and they appreciate the close family atmosphere that Laub has built. Without a doubt, every team member plays a critical role in the overall success of the company.

Though Laub works to offer competitive pay in order to attract the best talent, he had never been able to offer health insurance benefits – even though he knew it was something his team really wanted. The cost and management of a health insurance plan often seemed unfeasible and overwhelming.

ECG Insurance team member Charity Parker had worked with Laub for many years providing Aflac coverage for his business. As ECG evolved and began offering health insurance plans, Parker introduced Laub to Julian Duarte who handles the bulk of ECG’s employee benefits. Duarte was able to spend time learning more about Ora Design and then provided health insurance options to Laub.

“Julian provided me with health insurance options that were affordable for me and for my employees. He’s extremely knowledgeable and provided information about tax credits that helped with the insurance costs. ECG also doesn’t require me to have someone in-house to manage the insurance plan, which was a big plus,” said Laub.

In the fall of 2022, ECG Insurance implemented a health, vision, and dental insurance plan for all of the team members at Ora Design. Duarte met individually with every employee who elected insurance coverage to provide him or her with information on how the plan works and what benefits it provides. All Ora Design employees are eligible for the insurance plan after 90 days of employment.

“My employees have been waiting for years for this benefit and they are extremely excited. Many elected to use the plan and they’ve enjoyed having it. It’s definitely a good benefit to retain and attract employees and top talent,” said Laub.

ECG provides all of the administration for the health insurance plan. Ora Design employees who have a question about their insurance plan can contact ECG directly, which provides a direct answer and eliminates adding extra work to Laub’s plate.

“At first, it seemed too good to be true, but after almost six months since the plan was implemented, we don’t have any complaints. It’s been a great option for our team,” said Laub.