Client Feature: Off-Road Motorsports 

Just over 40 years ago, Scott Gilispie, started selling automotive parts out of his garage as a fun hobby. He was working full time at Beech Aircraft and selling auto parts was more of a hobby than a job. In 1982, he purchased a 4-wheel drive shop that went out of business with the intention of bringing in some extra income; being a full-time business owner really wasn’t in the plans.

However, some things just have a way of working out and eventually, Off-Road Motorsports was born. Now, with more than 35 years of business experience, Gilispie has seen the industry completely change over time.

“The vehicles have changed overtime. When I started, JEEPs and trucks had solid axles and leaf springs. In 1986, IFS suspensions became the norm and my whole world changed,” said Gilispie.

Even though the technology has changed, Gilispie’s philosophy for his store has not: getting his customers the right part the first time and providing the parts they want.

Currently, his team of 2 installation and service technicians provide service, repairs, and installation of the parts they sell. Most of their business comes from word of mouth and their reputation as a reliable, fair provider of automotive parts and service. 

For Off-Road Motorsports, JEEP owners make up about 70% of their clientele. One of those owners just happens to be ECG Insurance team member, Greg Tyler. Tyler has been a customer for 15-20 years and when he became part of the ECG team, he shared some of what they could do for small business owners with Gilispie.

Currently, ECG Insurance provides accident coverage and small business insurance for Off-Road Motorsports.

“Every year I shop around for insurance providers because it’s a big expense. ECG was really thorough in examining my former policy. They found many areas in my coverage that needed upgrading – my inventory and building replacement value were both less than what they should’ve been. They ended up designing a specific policy for our exact needs,” said Gilispie.

Gilispie considers his current coverage and cost to be fair and reasonable, especially since his insurance coverage now completely covers his investment and livelihood.

Fortunately, Gilispie has only had to make one major claim in 35 years: last year, his shop was broken into and many tools were stolen. He was able to contact his agent directly, process the claim quickly, and purchase replacement tools so he could keep his shop up and running.

“Overall, we’re very satisfied with our cost, coverage, and agents at ECG Insurance,” said Gillispie.