About Our Team

Though our team takes advantage of the latest technology and strives to create innovative solutions for our clients, we are what most would call, “old fashioned” when it comes to customer service. Maybe it’s our Kansas or Midwestern values, but we simply believe you should know our names and we should know your name because our job is to sustain and protect you throughout the ebbs and flows of life. We don’t take that job lightly.

We walk into our office every day excited to answer questions from our home and auto insurance clients and hear about their upcoming vacations or how the family dog is doing. We visit our small business clients around the state of Kansas to check out their latest showroom set up and educate small business owners on the tools and resources available that make it possible for them to offer health insurance and other benefits to their employees. Seeing our clients thrive is the driving force behind ECG.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our ECG team can provide workplace benefits for your employees, as well as offer home, auto, and life insurance, business insurance, surety, individual and group life and health insurance plans, and financial services. We focus on being insurance industry experts and staying knowledgeable about all insurance-related products and services so we can make the best recommendations to Kansas families, small business owners, and our other insurance clients.

Because our whole team is supportive, collaborative, and client-focused, we’re also a wonderful place to work. We spend most of the day creatively finding insurance solutions for our clients, but we also enjoy networking with fellow business owners at various events and checking out the best restaurants in Wichita for lunch. Turns out, when you create a team of people with the same mindset, values, and goals, work is really enjoyable.

Our Services

Personal Insurance

We offer a comprehensive review and bring solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Business Insurance

We provide and thorough review of your business to provide insight and protection to your companies risks.

Employee Benefits

Creating a strategic approuch to developing a benefit package that helps attract and retain employees.

We’re here to help. Let’s get started.