ECG Team Member Spotlight: Charity Parker

ECG Insurance team member Charity Parker believes in making connections and developing relationships with her clients and the greater Wichita business community. She is an active member of the Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) and co-leader for the WIBA Business Life Group. Not only does she enjoy meeting other business people at WIBA luncheons, she enjoys leading a smaller group of professionals as they navigate the balance of living a full life – professionally and personally. 

We are incredibly lucky to have her on our team and we invite you to join her at the next WIBA luncheon! We invite you to learn more about WIBA and Charity through our Top 5 Questions below:

1. What is the WIBA Business Life Group and what does it mean to you?

WIBA BLG (business life group) is one of several small groups, each comprising of 20-25 members. It allows WIBA members to have a representative to actively participate with other local businesses. “I really enjoy how every month our BLG group provides a chance for each member to celebrate wins, share struggles, have the support of others experiencing similar situations, and benefit from the wisdom gathered from their experiences. Creating these connections on a deeper level is fun and exciting for me. I thoroughly enjoy being able to represent ECG Insurance to our BLG,” said Parker.

2. Why is it important for you to be involved with WIBA?

I really enjoy connecting with people and having the opportunity to make long lasting professional connections with team members of other local businesses. I also really enjoy learning more about new or existing programs and upcoming events in Wichita that benefit our community. Knowing about those resources and being able to share them with clients, colleagues, and friends is important to me.

3. Why is it important for ECG Insurance to be a WIBA member?

Small businesses are the connective tissue that binds the fiber of our local economy. As a small business, the team at ECG Insurance is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that our small business community faces.

Through our WIBA connections we are able to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of local businesses, as well as understand the challenges in a way that inspires us to develop creative solutions. As a result of these connections, our team continues to collaborate to find ways to assist our community in overcoming their vulnerabilities.

4. What have you gained from being involved with WIBA?

Being involved with WIBA has been an incredible experience for me so far. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to become more integrated through participation in collaborative groups, social events, professional development, and WIBA’s unique cultural experiences. Success in business starts with relationships. WIBA creates an environment where we can share in each other’s successes, safely express professional vulnerabilities, and support one another while strengthening these relationships and promoting our extraordinary local business community.

5. Why would you recommend others get involved with WIBA?

Everyone needs a tribe; humans were never intended to be alone. Sometimes as a small business owner, you can feel isolated and insulated – or just completely overwhelmed by the tasks on your plate. This cannibalizes creativity and innovation. WIBA is like opening the doors and allowing fresh air and sunlight in to nourish the creative and the collective. I always walk away from a WIBA event feeling refreshed and invigorated; I’m ready to tackle new challenges, contribute positively to the ECG team, and motivated to provide the best service to all of our clients.