Client Feature: Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness in east Wichita is one of six locations owned by chiropractors Andrew Roy and Jeff Drake. Since 2020, Restore Hyper Wellness has been providing Wichita with several services, including compression therapy and infrared sauna, designed to simply help individuals feel better.

Roy and Drake own the Wichita location, as well as two others in Kansas, two in Arkansas, and one in Omaha, Nebraska. Across these locations, they have close to 70 employees with around 30 of them being full-time employees.

Their team members develop relationships with clients who come in regularly thanks to the company’s membership plan options, as well as new clients who are trying out services for the first time. Clients visit Restore for a number of reasons, according to Regional Manager Heather Klaassen, “they’re looking for help with recovery, looking to feel better and do more, wanting to get ahead of chronic pain or illness, or to help with fatigue and skin health.”

Restore’s most popular services are cryotherapy, IV drip therapy, and their aesthetic services. These services are performed by specific team members.

“All of our medical services are handled by registered nurses who are overseen by nurse practitioners and our aesthetic services are performed by licensed aestheticians. Other members of our team have been specifically trained to handle our core services, such as our infrared sauna,” said Klaassen. 

Developing relationships with clients and ensuring all of the Restore services are carried out in the most professional and responsible way makes recruiting and retaining top talent incredibly important for Klaassen. To do this, the six Restore Hyper Wellness locations owned by Roy and Drake began offering a full health benefits package to their full-time employees almost a year ago.

“Our employees were really excited to get health insurance, as many retail businesses don’t offer that benefit. It’s also something potential employees ask about most often, so being able to offer it gives us an advantage,” said Klaassen.

ECG Insurance Benefits Director Julian Duarte was critical in designing a healthcare plan specifically for the Restore team. Duarte provided a custom healthcare plan and add-on options from Aflac. Then he walked Klaassen through all of the administrative tasks and provided support as the team began using the new plan.

“Julian was extremely organized, timely, responsive, and he had our employees’ best interest at heart. He found creative options and broke everything down for us, so it was easy to understand and implement. The process was super easy,” said Klaassen.

Klaassen genuinely feels that offering a full health insurance plan to team members is the right thing to do. She found the plan options to be more than affordable and believes that the benefit lets employees know that their employer truly cares about their overall health.

“We’ve been really pleased with the plan so far and as we’re coming up to our annual renewal, we’re already working with Julian to add some other options to the benefits plan based on the input from our employees. I appreciate Julian’s quick response times, his creativity in finding solutions, and his dedication to our team,” said Klaassen.