Client Feature: Davis Liquor Outlet

For as long as he can remember, Brian Davis and his family have been part of the liquor distribution industry. He recalls playing on stacks of beer as a child and learning the ins and outs of the business from his dad. In fact, the Davis family has owned and operated four Davis Liquor Outlet locations in Wichita for almost 50 years.

“This is what I was born into. I always wanted to own my dad’s liquor store and now I have my son involved. It’s a really fun industry because you get to meet a lot of people and talk to a lot of people,” said Davis.

The Davis Liquor Outlet team is family-oriented and people-centric. Davis enjoys the opportunity to work alongside his dad and son regularly, and he values those relationships. He also speaks highly of the importance of consistency in their 47 years in business. He begins and ends each day focused on product orders and the more accounting-focused tasks of the business, while his son handles the daily managerial responsibilities.

This consistency has manifested itself into the core values of the organization. As they hire team members, they are looking for those who will consistently carry out their goal of providing the best possible service to every customer. The Davis family takes personal pride in having their name on the business; greeting customers, providing an exceptional shopping experience, and developing relationships is critical to their long lasting success.

This same practice carries over to the relationships Davis Liquor Outlet builds with their business service providers. In the same way that the Davis team strives to connect with their customers, they want to have that trustworthy connection with those who provide services, such as commercial insurance, to their business.

“We’re looking for local providers that know our business and know us by our first names instead of our insurance policy numbers. We also need partners that follow through on what they promise,” said Davis.

As a basic business practice, Davis was shopping for insurance providers earlier this year and after a previous positive experience with Greg Tyler, Davis connected with Tyler to explore business insurance options.

“Greg has been great. He’s very responsive and personal and the whole ECG team handled a lot of the process for me which took a lot off my plate,” said Davis.

The ECG team was thorough in their research of Davis’ business. They provided a complete report on coverage options and, after meeting with Davis, were able to customize the insurance plan to specifically provide coverage unique to the Davis Liquor Outlet needs.

“It’s always good to look around and know what other service providers are out there. I’m glad we did our research and I’m thankful we have established a partnership with ECG. I really feel like they’re in our corner,” said Davis.